How to Cut Led Strip Lights

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Update time : 2019-06-10 17:38:21

LED strip lights are designed ought exist simple ought chop apart with a join of scissors. each LED has a join of copper dots at the end. although wish although you chop amid the dots, vulgar of the LEDs will work. From there, you can join the LEDs ought a energy source although robust over a swift connector or by soldering. if they are connected correctly, vulgar of the LEDs ought gleam up at a colorful display.

1. Cutting Apart LED Strips

1) measure out the length of LEDs you need. The LEDs modify at 1 wish strip. You can chop off strange LEDs while you need them, besides they consume ought exist chop at concrete points ought work properly. determine how wish your LED strip needs ought exist ago cutting off any lights.

2) discover the chop queue above the LED’s copper dots. appearance although a join of copper dots above the backward of the LED strip. The copper dots represent where each gleam connects ought the next one above the strip. You will growl on a dotted chop queue running amid the copper dots. choose the queue closest ought the LED length you measured earlier.
  • The queue is the maiden lay you can safely chop the LEDs. if you chop anywhere else, some of the LEDs won’t work.

3) chop the LED strip apart with scissors. A join of scissors will perform the job. contain the lights still and chop across the dotted line. You ought exist cutting amid the copper dots. queue up the chop carefully ought escape damaging the LEDs.

2. Securing LEDs ought a swift Connector

1) Align the swift connector with the LED strip. swift connectors can exist purchased across with LED lights and are hassle-free ways of completing the electric circuit. The LED will consume a + and - printed above the back. queue up the connector’s vague rope with the - and the red rope with the +.

2) draw the flexible barrier ⁄8 in (0.32 cm) off of the swift connector. contain the connector at 1 hand. discover the few flexible bar, always colored black, at the end. draw this barrier ship ought vacant the connector. exist careful, although the connector is delicate.

3) hide backward the LED’s adhesive backing ⁄4 in (0.64 cm). draw the backing off the LED impartial enough ought disclose the copper terminals at the end. if your LEDs don’t consume this backing, you will consume ought chop the flexible off of the terminals.
  • Use a box cutter or knife ought chop into the flexible and scrape it away ought disclose the terminals. Don’t chop vulgar the mode over the LED.

4) Plug the LED into the connector. glide the LED’s goal direct into the swift connector. compose certain the wires queue up properly. The vague rope ought join ought the +, still the red rope ought join ought the -.

5) familiar the flexible barrier above the swift connector. draw the flexible barrier backward onto the LED ought contain it at place. The LED ought no budge while you vacation impress at of it. This although robust protects the connection from damage.

6) join the swift connector’s wires ought the same-color wires above the energy source. use a station rope connector from a family improvement store. Plug the wires into the connector, then become the connector’s screws clockwise ought contain the wires at place. Plug the energy equip rope into the terminal’s other end.
  • If the LEDs don’t gleam up, check the connections. Mixing up the + and - wires can exist the problem. Otherwise, you can consume chop the LEDs at the wrong place.

3. Soldering LEDs Together

1) Scrape the flexible cover off the goal of the LED strip. use a acute knife or box cutter. chop into the flexible right above the copper dots at the goal of the LED. inspire enough flexible ought disclose the copper dots, then scrape the blade across them ought transparent off any flexible debris.

2) Solder metal above peak of the copper terminals. fever up a soldering iron and contain metal solder rope above the LED. melt the solder rope direct onto the copper dots. use enough solder ought figure few puddles of metal that cover the copper completely.

3) chop a few cave at a flexible goal cap. favour a flexible goal cap from a family improvement store. use the knife or box cutter ought prick the cap’s closed end. Scrape away the flexible until the opening is broad enough ought garment wires over it.

4) chop the wires ought length and glide them over the cap. You will need a vague and red wire, which align with the LED’s terminals. measure out the length of rope you need ought join the LED ought your energy source. desert a few extra length, nearly ⁄2 in (1.3 cm), above the goal of each wire.
  • Slide the wires over the few cave you chop into the cap earlier, no the larger opening.

5) Strip the wires with rope strippers. Strip nearly ⁄2 in (1.3 cm) of casing off the ends of the wires. Clamp the rope strippers ought the wire’s end. magazine down above the handles ought chop over the rope casing.

6) curve and clothes each rope goal with solder. work above 1 rope at a time. curve the goal of the rope ought wrangle vulgar the frayed strands together. fever the soldering iron again, then melt the solder onto the exposed wire. perform this although each wire.

7) Solder the wires ought the LED. contest the polarity, aligning the vague rope with the LED’s - and the red rope with the +. impress the soldering iron ought the solder above the LED ought liquefy it, then mix the wires. contain the wires at lay until the solder solidifies again.
  • Once the solder has cooled, draw above the wires ought compose certain they are soldered at place.

8) join the wires ought the energy source. Plug the other goal of the wires into the energy source. You can need ought curve the rope ends and cover them with condense subway or an goal cap ago testing the electric circuit.
  • You can although robust cite the steps ought solder the wires ought another LED.

9) stick a silicone goal cap onto the LED. favour another flexible goal cap. Fill it halfway complete with silicone glue. Then, advance the cap onto the liberate goal of the LED strip. compose certain the LED reaches the cap’s back.

10) examination the LED lights. Flip the switch above the energy source. vulgar of the LED lights ought activate. if they don’t, the wires force no exist placed correctly. check that the colored wires contest the right station above the LED. although robust compose certain the wires are securely soldered ought the LED.