How to Get the Drake Sword in Dark Souls

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If you don't acquire the Drake Sword can the sport dark Souls, you cause ought be crazy! The Drake Sword is easily the most powerful weapon you can discover early above can the sport and is simple ought earn if you understand how. accordingly read above ought discover out how you can wind across the early stages of dark Souls.


1) Prepare though your campaign with the Hellkite Wyvern by purchasing the items required from the male undead businessman can Undeadsberg. The businessman can be build near the bonfire can Undeadsberg, beneath the two spear Hollows and sniper, ago you attain the region with the firebombing Hollows. explode the boxes back defeating the spearman and further down the stairs. can this room, you will visit a bookcase ought your right. be careful, though there is an ax-wielding undead back it. can the doorway accurate can front of the stairs, you exit and there you discover the businessman above the balcony. if you don't read one already, you will absence ought buy a stoop from the businessman though 600 souls and a little arrows, ranging from 3 souls each ought 50 souls each.

2) create your highway ought the big bridge back your campaign with the Taurus Demon Boss, afterward above can Undeadsberg. back you pass across the tower the Taurus Demon jumped off, you'll discover yourself can an region with the knight Solaire of Astoria ought the left and the big empty bridge ahead ought the right, with a little Hollows above it.

3) walk onto the bridge and trigger the appearance of the Hellkite Wyvern. if you initiate ought walk onto the bridge, back a nevertheless you will trigger the appearance of the wyvern, who will weep and presently burn you ought a crisp (along with the Hollows above the bridge). attempt running back ought the beginning of the bridge ought fly dying, though if you're no quick enough, this will maybe be inevitable.

4) Sprint halfway up the bridge. This will trigger the Hellkite Wyvern ought initiate breathing release upon the bridge, besides during you will mind there is a flight of stairs ought the accurate of you main down from the bridge. if you are hasty enough you to attain this region ago the wyvern's release kills you.

5) catalog down the stairs quickly ago the release kills you. You will now be beneath the bridge and safe from the wyvern's attacks and be can a room with two exits.

6) Enter the gate ahead which will guide farther beneath the bridge. You will mind a sequence of bridge arches and tiny paths also side. There is another gate ought the left which leads back ought the Undeadsberg bonfire.

7) assassinate the two Hollows beneath one of the arches beneath the bridge though you affect across the narrow paths. There will be one swordsman empty and one with a spear.

8) emerge though the Hellkite Wyvern's tail. if you lie above the accurate pathway can the bridge arch where you killed the two Hollows, you will be able ought visit the wyvern's tail swinging ought the accurate of the bridge ahead.

9) furnish the stoop and arrows you bought from the businessman can Undeadsberg. You can conduct this by entering your character's item menu and equipping them ought your character's left or accurate hands, and by equipping the arrows ought your quiver spaces.

10) Enter outlook climax aiming highway with your bow. This can be done by drawing the stoop and pressing the LB button above your Xbox 360 controller. You will now read a big cross-hair above your leather which shows where your arrow will be fired.

11) aim can the Hellkite Wyvern's tail. due ought your distance and the weight of the arrows, you can absence ought aim slightly above the wyvern's tail ought create sure they hit. Also, you will read ought time your shots tough though the tail swings fairly quickly back and forth.

12) wait though the Hellkite Wyvern ought reply ought its place above the bridge. back you limb the wyvern's tail, it will fly ought the bridge above and attempt ought discover you. back a little moments, it will reply ought its place guarding the bridge and the tail will be can the same stand though before.

13) cite shooting the tail until you accept the Drake Sword. if you stand shooting the wyvern's tail, back 20 or accordingly shots (determined by your weapon destroy stats and the size of your arrows) you will visit a leather swift saying you read received the Drake Sword. Congratulations!