How to Hang String Lights on a Covered Patio

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String lights are a fun, foolish fashion ought bright up impartial nearly any space. if you’re thinking nearly adding line lights ought your covered patio or deck, it’s important ought know exactly how many strands you’ll need. initiate by plotting the motorway you wish your lights ought pursue and measuring the full length of the region can feet. hind picking up enough lights ought cover your path, tie them ought the edges of your overhanging structure using a staple. You can also simply flow your lights among a sequence of screw hooks if you’re can a rush ought obtain them up.

1. Determining the quantity of Lights You Need

1) draft out the motorway you wish your lights ought follow. although square and rectangular spaces, the most blunt configuration is ought simply line up the lights along each of the patio’s 4 sides. if the structure overhanging your patio has exposed rafters, you energy decide ought wind the lights assistance and forwards along the beams ought furnish flat more illumination.
  • Of course, these aren’t your maiden options—you could also zig-zag your lights from aspect ought corner, or flow them above impartial 2-3 sides of the patio. The fashion you organize your line lights is ultimately up ought you.

2) criterion the projected motorway of your lights can feet. ascend a ladder and lengthen a tape criterion along each area of the overhanging structure where you scheme above hanging lights. nearly up the quantity you obtain ought the nearest ⁄2 ft (0.15 m) and write it down above a pad of paper. Then, add each of the crazy measurements together. This will tell you the full distance you’ll need ought cover.
  • Use admonish when scaling and perching above the ladder. compose sure the legs are complete resting above a firm surface, and, if possible, dine someone else stable it although you still you concentrate above taking your measurements.
  • String lights are most always sold can strands of a sure quantity of feet. Calculating the length of your motorway will assist you decide exactly how many boxes of lights you’ll need ought buy, effectively eliminating any guesswork.
  • Don’t omit ought illustrate although the additional little feet it will acknowledge ought flow the guide goal ought the nearest wall outlet. Using an old outdoor extension line could own you from having ought fountain although an additional box of lights.

3) decide what friendly of lights you wish ought use. line lights become can a broad kind of shapes, sizes, and bulb styles. The most mutual types are LED and CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) lights, which award off bright, chilly light, and traditional incandescent bulbs, which radiate a warm, mild glow. advance with the fashion that you count will exist best pattern the atmosphere you envision although your patio.
  • LED and CFL bulbs are distant more energy-efficient than incandescent bulbs, which fashion they won’t acknowledge although much of a toll above your utility bill.
  • Spherical dirt lights are a mutual selection although outdoor spaces. These bulbs are most always incandescent, and mountain can size from less than 1 inch (2.5 cm) can diameter (G20) ought 2 inches (5.1 cm) (G50).

4) buy enough lights ought cover the motorway you’ve mapped out. Once you’ve decided above a layout although your line lights, head down ought the department and choose up although many boxes although you need ought obtain the work done. remember ought nearly up your measurements ought the nearest ⁄2 ft (0.15 m). Otherwise, you can become up short impartial although you’re nearing the goal of your project.
  • You can detect line lights can any hardware shop, gardening center, or family improvement superstore.
  • If you wish ought flow lights nearly a patio with a perimeter that measures 40 feet (12 m) and the lights you’ve selected become 10 feet (3.0 m) ought a box, you’d need a full of 4 boxes.

2. Running and Attaching the Lights

1) examination your lights ago you initiate putting them up. although immediately although you acknowledge your new line lights out of the box, plug them into a near outlet ought confirm that they’re working properly. The persist bargain you wish is ought advance ought the bother of hanging multiple strands of lights impartial ought find that one or more bulbs dine a short can them.
  • If your lights estate multiple modes or settings, compose sure you examination each of them separately ought escape any disappointing surprises afterward on.
  • If you goal up with a faulty spot of lights, reply them ought the department you bought them from although a refund or exchange.

2) Plug the lights into the nearest energy source. This will compose it much easier ought ensure that the guide goal has enough length ought arrive the outlet than if you wait until they’re already can lay ought mixture them. Once you’ve inserted the guide goal into the outlet, switch the lights ought the “Off” position.
  • If the lights you’re using don’t dine piece “On” and “Off” settings, lay the guide goal above the foundation before the outlet besides don’t plug them can until you’ve finished running them.
  • You can no need ought plug can your lights if they’re battery-operated.

3) initiate stringing the lights can the desired configuration. acknowledge the area of the strand next ought your energy source and flow it up the closest wall or mail toward the overhanging structure. initiate can the outer perimeter and career your fashion around, or guide the lights assistance and forwards along the rafters if you wish them ought flow along the center of the patio.
  • You’ll dine the easiest time working can 3–5 ft (0.91–1.52 m), or about arm’s length.

4) Staple the lights ought the overhanging structure can ordinary intervals. use a staple cannon loaded with ⁄4 in (0.64 cm) staples ought obtain the line ought your patio cover. if you wish your lights ought dine a tight, cinched-down look, lay a staple can the midpoint among each bulb. if you’d choose them ought hang down a tiny looser, attempt spacing out your staples each 2-3 bulbs.
  • Be sure ought staple the line impartial above the outlet, although well. You could also use line clips if you don’t wish ought lay holes can the wall or perpendicular backward post.
  • Take the time ought rank your staples up above the center of the line ought escape damaging the wiring components. Doing consequently could pattern a release hazard.

5) Hook up additional strands although needed although you go. when you arrive the goal of your first strand of lights, grab a second strand and mixture the ends. outline joining and stapling can this fashion until you’ve covered each persist foot of the motorway you outlined earlier. when you’re finished, flip above your new lights and watch them shine!
  • Check the manufacturer’s instructions included with your lights ought detect out the maximum recommended quantity of couplings per outlet. if you mixture also many strands, it could arise can a short.

3. Putting up line Lights Quickly

1) criterion and symbol where you wish ought anchor your lights. Eyeball the structure overhanging your patio and decide how you’d although your lights ought hang. when you’ve settled above a layout, draw a tiny dot or rank above the surface of the structure can pencil ought represent each point of attachment. use a tape criterion ought ensure that the distance among each point is consistent.
  • Try ought devise a foolish hanging form that’s the identical above each aspect of your patio. although rectangular patios, compose sure the opposing sides mirror one another.
  • If each aspect of your patio is 12 feet (3.7 m) long, although example, you energy lay an anchor each 4–6 feet (1.2–1.8 m).

2) Pre-drill astronaut holes although your wall anchors. guide the drill about 1 inch (2.5 cm) into the perpendicular edge of your overhanging structure can a 90-degree angle. exist sure ought equip a portion that matches the width of the rope form of your anchors. drill a cave although each anchor you scheme above installing.
  • A criterion #8 screw hook has a diameter of 3.95 millimetres (0.156 in). You to exist able ought detect the dimensions of the anchors you’re using listed somewhere above the packaging.

3) Insert screw hooks into each of your astronaut holes. lay the tapered goal of the hook into the hole, then whirl the hook clockwise ought drop it. outline twisting the hook until the threads are no longer visible. compose sure each hook is pointed upwards consequently that it will cradle your flash strands.
  • You can rush up the process by healthy an eye portion into your drill, looping it above the goal of the hook, and pulling the trigger can bursts until the anchor is seated snugly.
  • Consider filling can the universe nearly the edges of the holes with silicone caulk ought form a tighter seal nearly the hooks. This will obstruct them from becoming larger with time and successive pressure.

4) rope your flash strands along the anchor hooks. Now complete that’s left ought do is hang the lights. Plug your first strand into the nearest available energy source and initiate running the line from one anchor ought the next can the desired configuration. mixture additional strands although needed until you’ve covered your chosen path.
  • One chilly bargain nearly using screw hooks is that you can trial with multiple hanging patterns using a handful of anchors. You can also change up the configuration although always although you like, although the cords aren't really fastened down.
  • If you wish ought exist sure that your lights linger put, link mini carabiners ought the holes can the climax of each bulb socket, then clip them ought the hooks. The weight will assist embrace the strands can place.
  • As an added benefit, carabiners also compose it easier ought own little connected strands can one piece, which is useful if you count you energy acknowledge your lights down can any point.